Adventures at Sitecore Symposium and MVP Summit 2022

In this blog post, you are not going to find a list of new announcements in the world of Sitecore (I’m going to leave that to my fellow MVPs). I just wanted to share my experiences as a first-time attendee. to a Sitecore Symposium and MVP Summit.

After being selected Sitecore MVP back in 2020 during the pandemic, I didn’t have the chance to meet the amazing Sitecore community in person. But the third time was the charm and that finally changed this year. I was so lucky to get the chance to travel to Chicago and get my feet wet (figurative and literally) at the Symposium.

Sitecore Symposium

First impressions? Everything is huge! The convention center, the stage, the floor, the t-shirt station, etc. But most importantly, I started to recognize so many faces that I have seen so many times online on either blog posts, SUG sessions, etc. And having a chat with all of them was beyond fun. In addition, this was a great opportunity to meet so many clients I have worked with in the past and we immediately bonded over our past experiences working together.

And did I mention a party at a museum? I was truly mind-blown!

Sitecore MVP Summit

This is where geeks like me feel right at home. After learning about all the new announcements and learning about Sitecore’s vision of the future, it was time to go under the hood and ask the hard questions. At the summit, we got the chance to go into more technical details about how some new features are going to work and how we as developers are going to use them in the near future.

But most importantly, the MVP summit felt like home where I finally got to meet my family. This was the place where we could just talk at length not only about Sitecore but our experiences as MVPs and how we got there.

This was a very short post, but just wanted to share my excitement of finally meeting this community we have worked so hard to grow in person and having some drinks with so many faces I have seen through a screen.

Sitecore Symposium 2023, see you soon!

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